Simple Beginnings:

Simplicity is a voluntary participant in the Christian Church, Disciples of Christ.

As a Disciples church, we believe that our role in God’s One Church is to be a movement of unity within a very fragmented world. Given this, Disciples churches strive to elevate the name of Jesus Christ rather than our own, so don't be surprised if you've never heard of the Disciples.

At our best, we are a home for the left-of-center, the right-of-center, and anyone who is simply tired of all the lines. If you’re looking for a church in which everyone agrees with you, the Disciples may not be a good fit; however, if you’re curious about Jesus Christ and what being his disciple might look like for you and your family, remember there is always room for you amongst the Disciples.


Our Mission

Relationships. Love. Service


Our mission is simple - build relationships, demonstrate love, and serve actively.

Our Vision

Open Minds / Open Hearts


The vision that's been cast for Simplicity is a church community that engages people with open minds and open hearts because we are called to build relationships, demonstrate love, and serve actively.


Our Core Values

1) God is too big to be put in a box

2) Relationships precede doctrine

3) Everyone Can

4) Jesus is central in everything

Our core values provide the foundation of our Theology; they drive our mission, support our vision, and keep us in alignment with our Heavenly Father.