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The Masterpiece

You’re making a masterpiece

You’re shaping the soul in me

You’re moving where I can’t see

And all I am is in your hands

You’re taking me all apart

Like it was Your plan from the start

To finish Your work of art

For all to see You’re making a masterpiece

Guess I’m Your canvass

Beautiful black and blue

Painted in mercy’s hue

I don’t see past this

You see me now

Who I’ll be then

There at the end

Standing there as Your masterpiece

Throughout the world, millions of dollars are spent on priceless works of art. I’m always amazed at how much people will pay for one painting - some are considered virtually priceless. But what makes a masterpiece? It’s not a ‘what’, it’s a ‘who’ - a master makes a masterpiece.

I got to thinking about about the words to this song (lyrics above) driving around the other day, and I started thinking about what it means for us to be a masterpiece. Your life is a priceless work of art. His perfect “touch”, is painting, sculpting your life day by day to create the masterpiece. Every stroke of the brush puts color and renders shape to your individual identity. You can trust His craftsmanship and rely on His artistry because not only is He the consummate Master Artist, but He loves His work. You are a beautiful masterpiece in the making, designed to portray a beautiful Master in all you do. The Lord’s work is beautiful, and it’s truly “priceless” in terms of His world, so realize that you are a work of God - created for good works to be valued, highly valued.

I started thinking about myself and how hard I am on me. All week, I was thinking that God has made me just who He wants me to be. He didn’t ask me if I want to be 5’6 with green eyes and blonde hair. He painted me just as he always planned; 5’2 with red hair and blue eyes. The Master’s work is perfect, so who am I to be so critical of myself? I know improvements are being made daily; patience, tolerance, mercy, forgiving myself for past mistakes. But I know He continues to paint me in brilliant colors of beauty.

My prayer today is that you’ll give yourself a break; you are just what the Master wanted. You are the Master’s piece.