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During our "soft launch" at Simplicity, we've been examining what kind of church we want to be using the Gospel of Mark. Through the lens of the story of the Paralytic and the 4 friends who tried to bring him as well as themselves closer to Jesus, we've established our mission statement - Bring+Grow+Go.

BRING others to Jesus.

We're not talking "small God" here; this isn't a call to convert, judge, or chastise anyone who may not be a believer or who's not as far along on his/her spiritual journey. No, to BRING others to Jesus is a call to introduce them to who He was/is and the love, tolerance, acceptance and radical grace He radiated. We're talking about an Alpha and Omega sized God who doesn't sweat the small stuff; Jesus was/is love, and He didn't have time for pettiness or persecution. Bringing others to Jesus is a mission that doesn't look just one way - it's everything from taking someone to help serve dinner at a homeless shelter to bringing a friend to church. It's simply exposing others to the unconditional love of Jesus Christ.

GROW together in Jesus' love.

To GROW together in the love of Jesus is to learn about His teachings and how He lived so that we might be more like Him. This is a crucial step in the discipleship process.

GO out into the world together and live as He lived.

Jesus was/is love; how much safer and more united would the world be if everyone filtered their lives through the love that was Jesus? How much better off would humanity be if everyone lived in accordance with the tolerance and acceptance by which He lived and embraced the kind of radical and at times scandalous grace that was/is manifested in Him? To truly live as Jesus lived, one must embrace the idea that there can be unity amongst diversity and that love ultimately wins.

Over the next few weeks, we will continue to explore Bring+Grow+Go as well as solidify and concretize our core values. It's an exciting time for us here at Simplicity Church OKC.

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