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The Divine Gift of Music

Have you ever thought about what life would be like without music? Ever considered how its absence would shape your morning commute, impact your workout routine, or even redefine your favorite film? It's easy to forget just how ubiquitous music is in our lives and how it can transform every day moments into something more.

Music is a powerful thing. For many, it's a form of entertainment - a hobby or pastime. For a fortunate few, music is a profession - a means to a financial end. Then there are those who consider music an art form - a medium for self expression and an outlet for creativity. Simply put, music can mean a lot of very different things, all of which have meaning and significance.

At Simplicity Church OKC, we believe music can be something so much more than entertainment, work, or even art - when it's purposeful and intentional, music can become a vehicle through which people are aligned with their Creator. Worship at Simplicity is about transcending worldly meaning and finding a connection with God. We sing songs not to entertain, earn, or create; we sing because through the divine gift of music we can know God.

There's Nothing wrong with any of that; in fact, those are all wonderful . But for some, music becomes something much, much more.

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