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Pastor Michael Canada: The "Barefoot Preacher"

Having served as an ordained pastor within the Christian Church, Disciples of Christ, for over 18yrs, Pastor Michael Canada has been brought to Oklahoma City by the Christian Church Commission to plant a new church. According to Pastor Canada, Simplicity Church OKC was born out of the simple notion that "Jesus helps; therefore, we do whatever we can to connect friends and family to him."

Pastor Canada's physical presence is something to behold; standing just shy of 7ft, Michael adopted a "respectfully casual" approach to his ministry. According to Pastor Canada, "I was told that my physical size might be intimidating or off-putting to some, so I started dressing more casually and, eventually, just started preaching barefoot." It wasn't long before his approach to his ministry actually began to shape it.

With its mission of spreading LOVE through the teachings of Jesus and the Barefoot Preacher at the helm,Simplicity Church OKC is about to make its mark on this already incredible city.